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Mortgage Renewals

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? To find out what your best options contact your mortgage broker before your mortgage matures to determine your options.

When your mortgage is coming up for renewal with your Lender they will send you out a renewal notice between 90 to 120 days prior to the term of your mortgage. They will offer you posted rates on your renewal. You should at that time call your mortgage broker or Canquest Mortgagef to assist in what is your best option at the time or should you wait.  Also, this is a good time to see if you want to take any equity out of your mortgage and do a refinance vs. a renewal.

The general mortgage client will sign the renewal without having a Broker review what is out their to meet your mortgage needs. Canquest Mortgage will investigate and assist with thier expertise and resources so that you can take advantage of the competitive mortgage rates. Canquest Mortgage can get you a 120 day rate guarantee on your mortgage renewal so if rate go up you are protected and if they go down you will get the lower rate at that institution. It's a win, win situation.

Your financial institution may not be able to give you the best renewal rate, but as we deal with over 20 leading lenders Canada wide, we can find you the lowest rates on the market! Canquest mortgage will find you the best rate possible with the broker rate discount of 1.0 to 1.75% off bank posted rates. The traditional bank policy is to discount you .10 to .75% off their posted rates but it all depends on how much of your personal investments are with that bank and how high of a net worth. At Canquest mortgage we look at your credit worthiness and job stability.

Remember that there is no cost to you to switch your mortgage to another lender. The lender pays up to $1000 towards the costs of switching over the mortgage. Get Canquest Mortgage working for you so we can give you the piece of mind you deserve in knowing that you made a sound mortgage decision.