Canquest Mortgage Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your rates so much lower than my bank?

Major institutions have a lot of money to lend, but they also have a lot of expenses! Overhead, salaries, benefits, desks, utilities, to name a few. At CanQuest Mortgage, we work for you, and not for the banks. We bring a great deal of business to each bank and so are offered wholesale rather than retail interest rates.


What is the difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate?

Fixed rates remain unchanged for the entire term you have selected. You will not need to worry about payment changes, or market conditions. These rates are based on the bond market and will not need to be renegotiated until the end of your term. Variable rates are based on the prime rate. Most variable programs offer anywhere from .25%-.50% under the prime rate.


Who pays for my services?

Mortgage agents and Mortgage brokers get paid the financial institution that finances your mortgage. We offer our services to you at no charge!