Canquest Mortgage Inc.



Calgary Mortgage Broker

We act as facilitators between you and the lenders. We provide you with the knowledge about your mortgage and answer your questions. We ensure you have a smooth and painless process.

Canquest Mortgage is the only Calgary mortgage broker that gives you a complete, risk-free home financing experience. We will find the best Calgary mortgage rates and options for your mortgage.

Most banks offer a "limited selection" of their products, no reduced rates, no service after banking hours, no education to eliminate debt or improve credit, turn away self-employed customers and usually takes days or (even weeks) to know if your mortgage is approved. Today, more of the banks are registering Collateral mortgages vs the standard mortgages on your title. The collateral mortgages are not allowing the client to take out their equity when they need it unless the bank has approved you for additional credit under this facility. We can discuss the differences between these two products and go into full detail.

At Canquest Mortgage you'll get access to different lenders and personal service "after banking hours", your own personal debt freedom plan, self-employed will be welcomed, credit issues will be addressed and rectified and you'll get your approval notification within 72 hours of applying...Guaranteed!

We also handle Private lending and commercial lending which rates and fees do vary depending on the deal and the credit.

Canquest Unique Benefits


  • 48 hour progress update guarantee
  • "After Hours" Personal Service
  • Preferred Mortgage Rates
  • Mortgage Products Available (All vendors)
  • Expertise working with Self Employed

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